LFoundry will join IS Auto Europe 2018 (Munich, 24-25 April)


LFoundry will participate in the 2018 Image Sensors Auto Europe 2018 (Munich, 24-25 April). 

IS Auto's origin is as a spin out from the annual Image Sensors conference organised by Smithers Apex in London each March, and this year the focus discussion expanded beyond the scope of just image sensors, and addressed issues concerning the whole imaging system from optics, to processing, to OEM requirements, regulations, legal framework, standards and consumer perspectives.

Car companies are developing more and more Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) to improve driving comfort and to build safer cars and roads in order to drastically reduce the number of road accidents. There are many types of ADAS available, such as adaptive cruise control, Autonomous emergency braking, lane keeping assist and more advanced ADAS, such as Night Vision assist, Traffic sign recognition, blind spot detection and so on. To implement these features, cars need to have many different optical sensors. The most important are the Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) image sensor that we, at LFoundry, produce, as well as SIPM and TOF. 
 Our goal is to develop and offer with our customers the best solution in these fields