Quality Management

Quality policy

We are committed to partner with our customers to exceed their expectations.

Our competent and motivated team is engaged in providing the best innovative and reliable foundry solution , in a continuous effort to achieve zero defect and quality excellence.

Key quality elements

Partner with our customer to exceed their expectation

  • We strongly believe that quality excellence may be achieved only partnering with our customers.

  • Partnership starts since the analysis of customers idea in order to find the right solution to enable the achievement of the most challenging targets, to prevent issues and to enhance further improvements.

  • Development stages are managed side by side with our customers to ensure a safe launch of the products as a prerequisite of future constant delivery of quality products.

Best and innovative and reliable foundry solution

  • We bring customer products to life thanks to our innovative and reliable foundry solutions

  • We follow a stage and gate approach to introduce new technologies and new products.

  • Our Product Lifecycle management follows the industry standard APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) principles. It guarantees a fast and reliable process development as well as a safe launch in series production. The compliance with customer requirements is constantly verified in every project phase.

  • Comprehensive Reliability program for Process and Technology Qualification according international standards like Jedec JP001 are applied.

Continuous effort to achieve zero defect

  • Our structured approach to Defect and Variability reduction ensures constant improvement of processes and products.

  • Feedback from customers and from the field are part of the inputs to our continuous improvement and roadmap to zero defect

Quality excellence: management by process

  • Quality excellence and superior customer satisfaction is ensured thanks to a management by process of the whole value chain.

    • from customer requirements to product development
    • from selection and management of suppliers to product fabrication
    • from monitor of processes to management review
    • from opportunity of improvement to change management
  • Our Quality Management System has been designed to satisfy customers needs and expectations, meet statutory and regulatory requirements and continually improve processes and products.

Quality excellence: Process Control

  • We have fully automated production environment to prevent process deviation and detect product anomalies:

    • Electronic Control Plan (paperless)
    • Automated Process Control Architecture
    • Real time SPC system for control of critical inline parameters
    • FDC (Fault Detection and Classification) tools to detect process variations
    • APC (Advanced Process Control and automatic adjustments) to reduce process variations.
    • OCAP treatment and documentation , including non Conformity product segregation.
    • Quality checks for production equipment automatically controlled by structured QC models.
    • Safe process recipe management
    • Fully automated poka yoke tools to prevent misprocesses and mis-operation
    • Electronic identification and treaceability of the manufactured product
    • Infrastructure security

Quality certificates