open standard design

LFoundry provides Process DesignKit, IP Portfolio and design reference flow for its process technologies to enable customers fast time-to-market.

PDK Process design kits

Process design kits consist of a set of files that typically contain descriptions of the basic building blocks of the process. Our PDK offer covers a vast range of application including but not limited to Smart Power, Sensors (CMOS-based), Integrated Touch Display Controller, Imaging, Secure Microcontrollers, Smartcards.


  • AI 13


  • image description


  • image description

    Grade „0“

  • image description

    Ta 150°C

  • AMS
  • HV
  • CIS
  • RF
  • Cadence (6.1.x)
  • iPDK


  • AI 13


  • image description


  • image description

    Grade „1“

  • image description

    Ta 125°C

  • AMS
  • CIS
  • Cadence (6.1.x)
  • iPDK

Design reference Flows

  • Design Entry
  • Simulation
  • Synthesis
  • Layout
  • LVS
  • Parasitic Extraction
  • DRC
  • Fab-In

IP Portfolio

Alongside our international partners, LFoundry offers a top-class Intellectual Property (IP) Portfolio to support our customers’ design needs. Years of experience allow LFoundry to offer proven IP to accelerate customers time to market (TTM) while simultaneously creating customised IP with outstanding quality in time.

Cell Library

Low leak standard library high speed standard library elements such as Buffer, Latches, Flip-Flop, Physical Delay, Tristate, ...

Memory Ip

ROM (M/Dif)

Mixed-Signal Ips

ADC, DAC, LDO, PLL, Bandgap, Bias Generator, Charge Pump, Oscillator, OP Amps, OTA, POR, ...


8051 to ARM 8b to 32b also as RISC low leak to high speed well-known partners


GPIO library, Serial, SPI Interface bus, I2C, USB2, ...

Detectors/ Security

Temperature sensor, AES/DES, ...


  • EDA Suppliers

    In the foundry business, a well-developed EDA tool park is a vital part of our customers’ design interfaces. For this reason, LFoundry maintains close partnerships with key EDA suppliers in order to fully satisfy all of our customers’ needs.

  • Design & IP

    When developing a unique and outstanding design, it is critical to keep an eye on time to market (TTM). To speed this process up, LFoundry not only works to constantly expand its IP portfolio in-house, but also collaborates externally with a reliable network of IP vendors around the world. When a customer needs greater support, LFoundry has developed enduring friendships with expert design houses who can help to accelerate the creative process.

  • Research & Development

    To enable our customers to create exceptional products, not only is it crucial to have state of the art technologies, but also to come up with new innovative technologies.
    Maintaining strong partnerships with carefully selected experts in their individual fields is indispensable to the success of development projects like these. By adapting to each new challenge, LFoundry has time and again weathered the storm, overcoming every obstacle in its path to emerge as a research leader, expanding its network around the world year after year.
    Working hand in hand with universities, research institutions and start-ups, LFoundry is proud to be developing great ideas and spreading innovation with its partners.