Bringing ideas to life

LFoundry is the customer-specific manufacturer of choice for analog, mixed-signal and specialized technologies worldwide.


From the heart of ancient Europe, LFoundry provides innovative solutions that reach all around the world, breathing life into our customers’ visions. Fully committed to finding the best solutions to satisfy every specific necessity, LFoundry creates innovation to bring our partners’ projects to life. When it comes to transforming innovation into reality, this is what makes LFoundry a world-class player.
Our leading and highly specialised foundry has an advanced 200mm manufacturing fab and proprietary technologies at 150 and 110 nm nodes, with MPW and MLM services available. We provide special capabilities and know-how for CMOS Image Sensors through CIS optimised processes down to 90nm, as well as Back Side Illumination technology. We also provide excellent technology support for Optoelectronics such as SiPM, SPAD, X-Ray, as well as for DBI Bonding (3D-Stacking) and Smart Power and a vast range of applications for the automotive, industrial, medical, security, science and space imaging industries.

Key Data


Avezzano (Italy):

Company Headquarter;


Landshut (Germany):

Sales, Marketing and R&D






Capacity wafer per month

  • Fab Capability

    Smallest CD 65nm; 90nm Volume Production, Al and Cu Metallization

  • Available Logic Platforms

    CMOS 150nm and 110nm with a large portfolio of process-proven libraries, IP, design tools and reference flows


Business Model

  • Innovative in technology, partnership-and supply-models in secure environment.


    Adopting customer technology and customizing foundry technology


    Technology development and production partnership


    Design environments and wafer fabrication based on advanced analogue/mixed signals technology

Dedicated foundry at Avezzano

In Avezzano (AQ - Italy), LFoundry is enabling innovation worldwide. We have a continuous commitment to guaranteeing a secure environment in which our customers can realise their ideas to the highest standard, relying on LFoundry as an indispensable partner to unleash their full potential.
Since 2006, Avezzano site (former Micron Technology) has been manufacturing customer imaging process technologies and products using 180nm to 90nm technologies at the 200mm, including a volume copper, Back End of Line (BEOL), Back Side Illumination processes (BSI) and extensive testing capabilities.
The Company provides automotive IATF 16949 and ISO9001 quality management system certifications as well as OHSAS 18001 certification for health and safety management system and ISO 14001 certification for environmental management system.

  1. production: Foundry

    LFoundry becomes a SMIC majority-owned company.

  2. production: Foundry

    Avezzano become LFoundry headquarter.

  3. production: Foundry

    leveraged buy out from Micron.

  4. production: Imager

    Aptina Imaging created as spin-off of Micron Technology's Image Sensor Division.
    Avezzano become captive foundry of Aptina Imaging

  5. production: DRAM & Imager

    a perfect ramp on imager, unique Micron site for Imager products.

  6. production: DRAM & Imager

    image sensor line installation.

  7. production: DRAM

    record efficiency and stability.

  8. production: DRAM

    record out and yeld.

  9. production: DRAM

    completed 8 inch conversion & capacity ramp.

  10. production: DRAM

    acquired by Micron Technology.

  11. production: DRAM

    8 inch mini line installed.

  12. production: DRAM

    Site founded, 6 inch, the biggest European fab at that time.

Mission, Vision, Values

These are the words we chose to name our spirit and introduce LFoundry to the world. This is what we are, where we go, what we do and how we do it. Put simply, this is us.


Enabling innovation worldwide


We create innovative solutions to bring our customers’ vision to life, shaping strong partnerships in a highly secure environment



LFoundry promotes a spirit of initiative to find high-performance solutions. Driven by creativity to create value for and with its customers, making the right decisions at the right time. Being part of SMIC a multinational company, we will foster innovation continuously and actively carry out product technology R&D, increasing productivity and optimizing work procedures.


LFoundry takes the initiative to understand customer’s needs (both internal and external) to create tailor-made solutions, establishing highly collaborative relationships and a long term win-win partnership, founded on its dignity and integrity as a partner. We will be honest, defend important principles, commit to our words, and be responsible towards how our behavior influences the company and society.

Quality & Security

We will conform to quality standards and carry out each task with a mindset on total employee participation, putting quality first and continual improvements. We also have a continuous commitment to guaranteeing a secure environment in which customers can realize their ideas to the highest standard, trusting in LFoundry as a valued partner to unleash their full potential.

Resilience through execution

Rooted in LFoundry’s history, these factors express the concept of resilience underlining the ability to interpret the context, go across significant change and come out victorious. This value lays a strong foundation for the company to overcome the technological and circumstantial challenges of the future. Through resilience the company can adapt itself at the context, elaborating standardized processes and creating strict disciplines. We will meet our goals through rigorous planning, efficient execution, detailed follow-up, and timely problem resolution, keeping in mind the environmental changes.


Conveys the ideas of interdependence and cooperation, specifically in the foundry-customer interrelationship, in individual work teams and between each member of Foundry's workforce. Company goals will be achieved by cooperation between disciplines, all taking the proper ownership and accountability while understanding each other’s role and challenges for success. This value underlines the importance of the single parts of a larger system comprised of the foundry, its customers and its employees, simultaneously evoking their connection to the working process with a view to reaching a common goals.

Our network

We think that the growth of our company cannot be independent from the competitiveness of the territories where we have some interest. Furthermore, since we are a true globalized world, synergies among territories are important in order to grow all together improving the ability to serve the customers and to contribute to the societal challenges ultimately. LFoundry aims to be a leading foundry through committed membership to committees and organisations, strengthening growth in the semiconductor and electronics industry, as well as constructing new partnerships through dedicated networking and relationship-building.

Moreover, inspired by the principles of responsibility, sustainability and humanism, the Hubruzzo Foundation (Responsible Industry Foundation) was born on February 5, 2018. The founding members of the Hubruzzo Foundation are LFoundry (Sergio Galbiati), Valagro (Ottorino La Rocca), Proger (Umberto Sgambati), Almacis (Enrico Marramiero), Honda Europe (Marcello Vinciguerra), Tecnomatic (Giuseppe Ranalli) e Zecca Energia (Gennaro Zecca). Sergio Galbiati, LFoundry vice Chairman, has been appointed as President of the Foundation.

LFoundry is everywhere

We are currently experiencing incredible progress in all kinds of detector/sensor technologies. All of these advances offer unparalleled possibilities to enrich the lives of people around the world while generating growth and opportunity throughout the global economy, but none of this would be possible without the most fundamental building block of the modern age: the semiconductor; the core material of the digital world.

In this context, LFoundry provides special capabilities and know-how for a vast range of applications including but not limited to:

Imaging (CMOS Image Sensors)


  • Automotive cam (ADAS – Advanced Driver Assistance) o Industrial (Machine Vision),
  • Medical (Medical Imaging),
  • Safety (ADAS),
  • Security (Surveillance Systems)
  • Knowledge (Scientific and Space Imaging)

Smart Power


  • PMIC / PMU
  • Motor / LED Drivers or Discret
  • RF/Audio



  • Driver
  • MCU
  • Interfaces
  • Imager (Visible, NFIR, TOF, SPAD)