Sponsorship Evaluation

LFoundry evaluates the possibility to contribute (monetary recognition or not) to the organization of activities and events that promote the concept of industrial development for high technology innovation. Only events with this concept can be supported by LFoundry. It follows that those who LFoundry can sponsor or financially support are almost exclusively: Institutions, Universities, Research Centers (RTO) or other legal entities that promote the development of the industrial sector.

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You can submit your request via this website. We guarantee that your data will not be posted on the Web or be accessible to third parties. It will be stored in our in-house database, to which only LFoundry staff have access.

Dichiaro di non aver subito provvedimenti / svolto attività per società condannate in materia di corruzione o in altre materie penali rilevanti ai fini del D.lgs 231/01.

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