Thesis: Design a System to Manage the FMEA Process

  • Working area: Information System
  • Facility: Avezzano (Italy)
  • Job time: Thesis

The FMEA ((Failure Mode and Effect Analysis) is a process analysis tool, with a step-by-step approach, used in the LFoundry manufacturing processes to identify all possible potential failures in a product or a process, highlighting the causes and the effects for each failure and providing recommended actions  to prevent the occurrence of the same failure or, at least, to limit their effect.
Problem statement and High Level Requirement
With the increasing of our Company market interests and consequent number of products/process to be analyzed, the FMEA process needs to be supported by an integrated software in order for LFoundry to maintain and improve the Quality System effectiveness and efficiency.
This software must consist of a database and an associated application to allow the request management (insert, delete, modify, notify, approve). It must also be compatible and integrable with the other software’s, mainly with the Manufacturing Execution System, currently in use in LFoundry

Education:  master graduate student in Informatics

Duration: 6 months starting January 2020

Requested background: Software programming (Unix, HTML, etc.); DB Admin (either relational or no-SQL) and S/W development competencies

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