TCAD Engineer

  • Working area: R&D
  • Facility: Landshut (Germany)
  • Job time: Full Time

The TCAD Engineer applies advanced process and device modeling tools during process and device development aimed to feasibility studies and optimization or scaling, as applicable. He/She works closely with Process Integration engineers to design experiments based on modeling and/or existing experimental results. He/She interacts with a variety of teams including process integration, characterization, circuit design, reliability and product engineers to analyze and debug device and circuit-related issues during process development

The incumbent carries out the following activities usually:

TCAD simulation

·         Coding the process flow in the simulator tool (Synopsys Sentaurus);

·         Coding the electrical test conditions in the simulator tool;

·         Optimization of simulation speed selecting the best trade-off between accuracy and computational time;

·         Propose DOE based on simulations to optimize the electrical performance of the device;

·         Analysis of electrical data from the experiments and comparison with simulation results;

Electrical test optimization for TCAD fine tuning

·         Setup specific test conditions on PCM structures for optimizing the comparison between simulated and experimental device performance;

·         Defining collection of electrical data on other characterization tool such as mercury probe;

·         Suggesting electrical tests on product to verify the device characteristics predicted by TCAD simulation;

·         Proposing new PCM and new test methodologies for optimizing the detection of device performance based on TCAD simulation;

Calibration of TCAD models based on experimental data

·         Optimization of process flow models based on the comparison with physical analysis (C-V, SRP, SIMS, TEM);

·         Optimization of material electrical parameters based on electrical data collection on product and PCM structures;

·         Setup and manage DOEs on short loop and full flow wafers for data collection needed for TCAD calibration;


  • Technical Master degree or equivalent experience in technological Area

Soft skills

  • Proactivity (initiative)

  • Teamwork and enhancement of others

  • Quality and customer focus

  • Change management and problem solving


Knowledge, Skills & Experience (Desirable):

  • Solid background in Electronics

  • Experience with a simulation tool

  • English language

  • Background in Optoelectronics

  • Knowledge of CMOS fabrication

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