Head of Information & Communication Technology

  • Working area: ICT
  • Facility: Avezzano (Italy)

The Head of ICT develops and implements the relevant site strategy leading a department of some 50 people. He/She shall proactively support LFoundry’s mission, by inspiring and then executing the ICT transformation consistent with the company’s business objectives and through the management and development of the ICT infrastructure in the 200mm semiconductor manufacturing facility located at Avezzano (AQ - Italy).

Also, as Head of ICT, he/she supports the elaboration and execution of the strategy of the site.

  1. Planning and management of the implementation, operation, development, optimisation and maintenance of ICT the infrastructure;
  2. Set vision and plans for IT infrastructure services and operations, enabling the transformation to a more digitized environment capable to fully take advantage of the BIG DATA availability from process and equipments, further increasing the capability of generating useful data
  3. Leading the transformation to a higher and higher degree of automatization of the manufacturing facility, facing directly with internal worldwide customers and suppliers
  4. Maintaining and developing ICT security standards, policies and procedures adequate to protect the information against the threats and risks identified internally;
  5. Providing optimal support to the site with an emphasis on resource utilisation, cost effectiveness, efficiency and sound financial and technical management;
  6. Envisioning, developing, maintaining and executing an IT roadmap which outlines the plan to reach short-term and long-term goals through the use of technology solutions with tie-ins to key business strategies.
  7. Developing and maintaining IT disaster recovery and business continuity plans for all key systems.
  8. Contribution to the selection of service providers for ICT and enforcement of the proper execution of the respective contracts
  9. Ensuring MES and ERP continuous performance and stability across all group companies and in line with business targets
  10. Establish meaningful metrics which enable Top management to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of the IT organization and supports strong resource planning.

This Head of ICT department is a highly experienced and senior leader in ICT department in manufacturing organizations on an international scale:
  1. IT leadership experience (IT department of a manufacturing/production company or in an IT Consulting company). Experience in a Semiconductor manufacturing site is preferred.
  2. Knowledge of Manufacturing Execution systems (MES), ERP (Enterprise Requirements Planning) systems, Financial Planning and Reporting systems, and Networking and Storage support
  3. Experience designing innovative and effective IT solutions for business users, especially in the manufacturing domain with Industry 4.0 approach;
  4. Project management, Change management and Problem Solving experience
  5. Deep experience to align project members across sites and divisions, outstanding team and people skills
  6. English language
  7. Master degree or equivalent experience in ICT Area 

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