Hubruzzo Foundation for the excellence in the Abruzzo Region

Inspired by the principles of responsibility, sustainability and humanism, the Hubruzzo Foundation (Responsible Industry Foundation) was born on February 5, 2018. 
The founding members of the Hubruzzo Foundation are LFoundry (Sergio Galbiati), Valagro (Ottorino La Rocca), Proger (Umberto Sgambati), Almacis (Enrico Marramiero), Honda Europe (Marcello Vinciguerra), Tecnomatic (Giuseppe Ranalli) e Zecca Energia (Gennaro Zecca).  Sergio Galbiati, LFoundry vice Chairman, has been appointed as President of the Foundation.   
"The Hubruzzo Foundation" declared Galbiati "contains key figures of excellence in the Abruzzo region. Together we have the responsibility and the objective possibility of driving the development of this territory”.   

 Hubruzzo Foundation wants to be a subject able to narrate the industrial sector and promote the Social Corporate Responsibility in Abruzzo, in Italy and in the world, through the creation of a network of cultural, scientific, institutional, territorial and economic relationships: an alliance at national and international level for the exchange of knowledge, skills and good practices. Info: